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Join us by actively, collaboratively and creatively investing in your mind health. Sessions every week!


We value our emotional health just as much as our physical health.


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We are slowly starting to surface after the depths of winter – spring is on the horizon, the days are getting longer and there is more energy, light, and color in the air to remind us that feelings and emotions pass, just like the seasons… Let’s riff of this spring fever by joining our 3-Week Wellbeing Challenge to encourage making our emotional health a priority… around other people. An hour-long fix point, once a week on a Monday for the next three weeks for self-care and emotional nourishment with us. You in?

What is it?

  • 3x Wellbeing sessions together on a Monday 7 – 8pm
  • Choose either Yoga or Reflective Writing.  (They are on at the same time)!
  • Each session offers a space to check in with yourself, reflect and set intentions going forward, around other people.


Upcoming themes

Week 1: Communicating boundaries.
Week 2: Backing yourselves.
Week 3: Generosity.

How do I sign up?
  • Sign up and choose which session you want to attend.
  • Buy the three-week pass – for only $36 rather than the regular $45
  • If you have a CoLiber8 -Pass already… flick us an email to let us know you want to sign up for the whole three weeks ! You can use your stamps for this!

39 Webb St, Mount Cook, Wellington (at The Preservatorium Cafe & Cannery).

Parking Options:

There is free parking in this area on Webb Street and Upper Cuba Street.
There is some coupon parking up Hopper and Torrens Terrace which is free from 4pm.
And there are free parking spaces on the corner of Taranaki and Webb St (opposite The Cube)!

Who are we?


We value our emotional and mental health just as much as our physical health.

CoLiberate is here to make it easy and accessible for you so you can build a healthy habit. Whether you feel stressed from work, overwhelmed by it all, or just want like-minded souls to connects and understand with – our studio is a place you can take a break and do some processing.

Come along and nourish your mind and figure out what emotional workout works for you!

The sessions we offer.

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Reflective Writing

Reflective Writing

Monday 7.00-8.00pm



Monday 7.00 - 8.15pm

Wellness Wānanga

Monday 5.30 - 6.30pm


A Session PassValid for any Session

$ 15.00

Per Session

You and a FriendGreat for Date Night

$ 25.00

Per Session

CoLiber8 - PassMaximise the Value

$ 75.00

8 Session Pass - Valid for 6 months
Connect with our mission to generate a culture of positive mental health!
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What people say about us.

CoLiberate has already helped me immensely. Just remembering CoLiberate exists reminds me how important it is to take time out of my day to care for my mental health. Lately, when I've noticed I'm feeling stressed or anxious, I think "I should find some time to go to CoLiberate today". And if I can't find time to go in, I'll just do something I might have done there, like yoga or drawing. For years, I have tried to find techniques that calm me down when anxiety is getting the best of me, and some have worked at times but never for very long. The presence of CoLiberate, for and only for mindfulness and mental health, having a real and tangible place that supports and provides these self help techniques in a warm, welcoming, safe space; this has helped me, more than I knew I needed.

NeenahWellness Wānanga

It was an absolute treat for my inner child, who - I now realise - I have been ignoring for some time. It has left me feeling so open and calm. It has set me on a path back to myself and brought my partner and I closer together. Thank you!

GráinneMindful Clay Sculpting

I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of the Coliberate's Mindfulness with Clay exercises they held at the Wellington BizDojo. It was an amazing experience that I recommend to everyone as a way to switch off from the general rush of the day. It was awesome to just be able to sit and play with clay with no expectations of what was being created. Just an understanding that all the outside noise was being shut out.

Helen FMindfulness with Clay

"I was feeling really nervous because I hadn't done this kind of thing before and I thought maybe everyone else would have done it... But I felt like the CoLiberate crew held a really safe space which helped me to relax and to become much more playful by the end than I was at the start!"

EleanorCreative Movement