Our beloved CoLiberate Studio at L2, 111 Customhouse Quay is moving on. 18 months ago, we received the key to occupy that space from our dear friends at Urban Dream Brokerage. After expecting to only have the urban sanctuary for 5 weeks, we are so delighted and grateful to have been in that space, growing, moving, shaking, connecting, yogaing for 18 whole months! We want to especially thank Helen, Laurie, Sophie, Mark and (previously Robbie) at Urban Dream Brokerage for all of your support, kindness and hard work in getting our vision into its first home. It has been invaluable to CoLiberate’s growth and ultimately, the culture shift of positive Mental Health in Wellington.

Where are we moving to?

We were thoughtful about where we wanted CoLiberate’s next home to be, and a little bit fussy… we wanted to find a space that embodies our values a bit more… we value open, bold, empathetic collaborations…

Which is why…

We are taking CoLiberate emotional workout sessions to the Preservatorium Cafe!!!

The Preservatorium is a humble cafe on Webb Street – they make awesome scones and waffles and they know how to generously harbour a community.  Their cafe is a humming and inclusive community centred around coffee and kai in the daytime… but by 4pm each evening it clears out and sits waiting for something magic to happen… so we thought it would be the perfect thing to catch their cool cafe vibes and bring our CoLiberate spark to make the most of the space in the evenings.

We are super excited about this.


A quick values checklist:

Collaborative – working together with people who care about wellness, community, and nourishment.

Open – the space is wonderful and open, and also the staff and Peter are super open to us being there. Pete’s worked hard to create a radically inclusive environment by day…  which complements the open-door CoLiber policy by evening quite deliciously.

Empathy – We believe the team at the Preservatorium are super empathetic and feel the good vibes right through the building.

Bold – It’s a bold choice to no longer be responsible for a space 24/7… but we believe that moving to this part of town and joining forces with a nearby buzz is contributing significantly to broadening the culture of positive mental health. It’s time to make CoLiberate sessions even more accessible to all!

Why are you moving?

Our lease has come to an end BUT our mission absolutely has not.  CoLiberate is in a position now where it is able to keep emotional workouts running even without the anomaly of it’s generously brokered first studio . We are confident that we can create the same safe, homely, sanctuary near a buzz vibe that we’ve all loved at Customhouse Quay. We are very excited about this change as we will be able to keep moving forward in a way that honours our values.

What we would love to hear from you

Do you have any thoughts/fears/ideas/feedback about this news? We know that changing locations comes with a new set of barriers. It brings up questions like – where do I park? How can I trust the sessions are private when the Preservatorium is a shop front? Is it accessible?

We are happy to workshop any questions or ideas you may have – flick us an email at hello@coliberate.co.nz and we will respond as soon as we can!


Important dates to take note of:

Our current studio timetable will be going as per usual until Thursday 12 April.

Last day in the Studio at L2, 111 Customhouse Quay Studio is Monday 16th April | we will have Wānanga at 5.30 and then a studio ‘closing’ celebration in the space.

Then… We take a 2-week break from sessions.  Opportunity to check in at a coffee meetup on Mondays at 5.30pm during this break if you’re keen!

Book club on Tuesday 23rd April will still happen at this time at a place TBC!

Come back strong, with a new timetable at the Preservatorium on Monday 7th May from 5pm.