CoLiberate studio is going into chrysalis mode… so that a butterfly can be born!!

This Monday will be the last week of Wānanga, Meditation and Reflective writing as we know it. We will take a break for Labour Weekend and then on Monday 29th October, you’re invited to close this chapter with us and say goodbye to The Preservatorium in preparation for some bold and bodacious up-scaling of the CoLiberate Wellbeing Gym vision…

We’re visualising…


An iconic location, accessible for all kinds of people, on the fulcrum of the city, big and bold enough to say HEY WORLD! THIS IS IMPORTANT!  MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS MORE THAN ONE MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK PER YEAR… WE’RE TALKING INFRASTRUCTURE!

Let’s get serious about valuing mental health and making self-care cool.  Let’s make sure everyone is invited! Let’s find all the possible forms that wellness practices can take and stick ‘em under one roof so they can spread like wildfire…


We’re picturing Wellness Coaches, Flexi-schedules with loads of emotional workouts running all times of the day, 1 on 1s, Mood Rooms, Wellness strategies,  Mental Health First Aiders at the ready, Meditation Stations, Bootcamp Training Sprints, Specialist Programmes, Tool Shares, Personal Practice Zones, a full time hosting team…  It could look like any or all of these things!

We want to see an emotional fitness culture where everyone has the freedom, accessibility, and support to define their own transformation. We want to offer radical spaces, activities, and events to make doing that THE NORM!

As you know, we’ve been developing this vision over the last 3 years.  Now is the time to crystallise all the things you’ve taught us about what radical self-care practices can look like – so that we can launch it in a way that our whole country can’t ignore.

We’ll be sharing the details of this as we uncover them, so keep in cahoots to hear the 2019 launch date….  That’s right 2019!! We’re ambitious. In the meantime, we’re promising something BOLD. Radical self-responsibility. Radical permission. Let’s live and breathe this positive culture of mental health.

The good news is….


We’re going to be practicing emotional workouts ourselves throughout this chrysalis period… and you’re invited!  We’d love for you to get alongside us in this next experiment! We can practice as friends / peers / co-pioneers of bad ass self care!

It’s normal (even encouraged) to take an hour out of work to zoom off to the gym for a PT session or to take a jog around the block… so we want to feel the full rollercoaster of making that same commitment within the working day for our emotional health… we want to know first hand what it takes to integrate self-care into workflow!

We’ll be running an in-house emotional workout at The Biz Dojo, Tory st, every week. You can expect most of the CoLiberate team to be there practicing together, and we would LOVE to see you for these sessions too!

Times, days and session schedule is still in its final confirmation stage… So we’ll be sending you an invitation as soon as we’ve got the deets! They’ll be Koha sessions. The cumulative collection of koha that is generated from these sessions will go towards our $10,000 goal of running a regional community MHFA programme for the unsung heroes who really need it.

Looking back

The sweet crew at The Preservatorium have been sharing their turf with us since May this year so that we could keep our Monday evening Wellness sessions open for weekly action. You may have witnessed the big set change… every Monday afternoon the cafe close up for the day, and we swoop in, shake up the furniture and CoLiber-fy the space to create a buzzing hub for connection, belonging and emotional courage.   Our fantastic crew: Rai, Sarah, Clarissa and Jasmine, have made this big transition flow like a hip-hop sequence… and made the space feel warm enough to show up as we are, however we are.

Since May, we’ve delivered 90 emotional workouts at our temporary Preservatorium home! We’ve been delighted to meet new self-care pioneers who have found us on Webb St, and to get to check in with many of our earliest allies who made the trip with us from Customhouse Quay where our first studio was launched.

We’re so grateful for everything we’ve learned from and with you and for the connections we’ve made.  Thanks for being with us through this rich phase in CoLiberdevelopment!

It wouldn’t be the end of a chapter or the beginning of another without a little bit of ceremony so…

You’re invited to farewell the Preservatorium with us on Monday 29th October at 6pm.
Even in all of our excitement, we’ll be a bit sad to let go of our longstanding Monday night flow, and we imagine you’ll have some emotions too. All feelings welcome!  Hold the date and we’ll get the details to you.

And sign up to our mailing list. We will still send out wellbeing tips, tools, events and ways to stay connected every week through this very exciting chrysalis phase!