Inhouse Sessions

We’re on a mission to enable the emotional and mental health capability of our nation. To keep learning and practicing what we know to be having a positive influence on the workplace culture – the whole team has blocked out an hour each week to come together and do a regular wellbeing practice every week.

Every Tuesday 12.30-1.30pm at the Biz Dojo, Tory Street.
This isn’t just available for Biz Dojo residence, anyone is welcome to join us if it’s the right thing for you.

How it works

All you have to do is 100% opt-in and show up. We will check in together and do 45mins practice. All sessions are really accessible and not too intense – it’s fully facilitated so you can easily go back into your working day. Each week we will have a different session and facilitator so we can explore a variety of ways to engage with our wellbeing. Sessions are Art-making, meditation, Reflective Writing, Yoga, Mindful Bodies, Creative Movement, Mindfulness with clay.

An emotional workout is as gritty and cool as it sounds. It’s about keeping yourself well – giving yourself the time, headspace and commitment to workout your mind like we do our bodies! Let’s value our minds as much as we do our bodies! These workouts embody the 5 ways to wellbeing – Take Notice, Give, Keep Learning, Connect and Be Active and present itself in many creative forms. Let’s connect with ourselves so we can grow to be our best selves!

Upcoming Sessions




Session info



14 May

Making a space for self


Meditation and art-making

Self connection

Event space

21 May

Reflective Writing


Provocation based writing – using penflow to create
meaning and connection


Event Space

28 May

Yoga/Mindful Session


Join our in house yoga teacher through some mindful movement


Event Space

4 June



Mindful exercises, games and meditations



11 June



Ground yourself and connect over some tea and korero

Setting Boundaries

Event Space

18 June

No session this week

25 June Body-Mapping Sarah Spend some time grounding and feeling present in your body Trust