When I hear the word spoken aloud, Balance, makes an innate sense to me. I instantly remember the pledges I have made to myself to create more balance in my life – To plan my time and list what is important to me, to give to myself and others in equal amounts, to check in with myself daily and seek balance in every single area of my life. And I notice with some regret that I have not managed to commit myself to this life of balance which I once set out to conquer.

I have become an all-or-nothing kinda girl. I want to read more so I commit to reading one book per week, I want to help others so I fill every second of my free time with volunteering, and soon fail to look after the people closest to me, including myself. This all-or-nothing attitude has been the death of balance in my life.

Today, as I take time to consider what balance means to me, I realise that every single little positive action I make counts towards serenity in my life. I see myself using stepping stones to get across a wild, gushing river. Balance begins with me taking these tiny steps, always checking in with myself, staying strong and steady so that I don’t get caught up in the flow of the water, or the imbalance of the world around me.

We’re taking Balance into CoLiberate this week – come along to the brand new Reflective Writing session this Thursday 5.30 – 6.30.


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