About us

CoLiberate is a start-up in Wellington City with the purpose to eliminate the stigma and shame that exists around mental health. We offer facilitated workshops every Thursday that actively, collaboratively help you to prioritise your mental wellbeing.


We want you to contribute by what makes you thrive.

We are seeking people who want to share their knowledge to help make social change! Is that you?

We want to make an impact on our current community by ‘stinging the stigma’ around the way we look at mental illness by consciously cultivating a community that advocates positive mental wellbeing. We are seeking volunteers to help us out on the floor during our open hours.

Email Bop, bopmurdoch@gmail.com to find out how you can be involved

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Help CoLiberate thrive. You can support us to keep the growth of mental wellbeing awareness.


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Become a CoLiberater

We are open to anyone who wants to invest in the future of positive mental wellbeing. If you’re someone who would like to support CoLiberate by making a ongoing contribution, email Bop to meet and talk further about how you can become a CoLiberaterhello@coliberate.co.nz