I’m so glad you asked about book club!

For those of you that are familiar with CoLiberate sessions such as Wānanga or Reflective Writing, you will have heard us refer to Dr Brene Brown- we’re her biggest fans!

She is a vulnerability researcher with a wealth of knowledge and years of collected data. She has written a series of books on her research… which you might catch us referring to sometimes as CoLiberate’s Bible.

We love her books and find that we’re often returning to them for guidance to communicate the complexity of our experiences in the world. We are always suggesting her books to people who want to further their personal connection to what CoLliberate is all about.

We have always had the intention of setting up a CoLiberate library of useful and empowering wellbeing books – and at the moment, our little library is mainly authored by Brene Brown! Admittedly, we have little time for reading as it is, so we’re hesitant to take any risks on ‘just another’ self-help book that bosses you around with instructions like ‘do more yoga’ or ‘travel more’ or ‘eat a healthy diet’ instead of connecting with why those things are actually really hard sometimes. The good thing is, there are loads of awesome books out there that ally CoLiberate in delving into our emotional DNA to help us accept ourselves as we are. 

So we thought, let’s explore this all together and see how our self-discovery might deepen if we navigate some highly recommended, on-theme books and share our experiences with them. 

I chatted to Grainne, our book club host, to see what book club means to her.

My intention is that this book club won’t be like the ones I’ve been to before – the slightly more common type of book club where the book is really a front to drink wine and gossip about our neighbours. And it won’t be a course in literary debate either. My dream is for this book club to be a celebration of the learning that can come about from inspiring books written by incredible people’.

Grainne has been with CoLiberate for a whole year hosting Reflective Writing and sharing experiences on our blog.

‘Reading can be a solitary experience and I want to help people connect with each other while they learn. The books will all have a slant on wellness and it is our aim that by getting together over these books and cups of tea, we can deepen our learning and understanding, and help each other through the more difficult lessons that the books might bring us through’.

Do I have to have read the whole book?

This is not a strict book club, no opinion you have of the book will be rejected or judges as wrong (it’s supposed to be fun!). As always at CoLiberate, we only seek to have honest, respectful discussions. There’s also no pressure to have completely finished the book- Phew! If you have, then great – you can let us know what it taught you/your feelings about it. If you’re half way through, we’re sure you’ll still have a lot to share with us! And if you haven’t begun the book, that’s also great, come along and hear what it’s about. All we ask is that you have a genuine interest in the material.

Does it cost?

It’s Koha – $$ or food contribution to the evening would be most appreciated. Other than that, it’s on you to buy or borrow your own copy of the books we read. Or, audio-book if that’s more your jam!

Can I make book suggestions?

Yes ! email

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask |  hello@coliberate.co.nz



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We hope to see you there!

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