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We're enabling the mental health support capability of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Providing mental health strategies, initiatives, training and first aid for workplaces.


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Our 2020 catalogue. Mental Health Training + Practice + Strategy.


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Mental Health First Aid

Professional skills training. Approaches + Technique + Practice. Certificate valid for two years.


Our 2020 Catalogue of Offerings


CoLiberate’s approach is centred around building care and capability across organisations and communities. We create resilient networks for support in your workplace to keep business safe, and your people thriving.

Our capacity building programmes focus on enabling people to respond well to inevitable mental health challenges at work and beyond. Participants come away having practiced and integrated the skills and tools it takes to recognise and support anyone experiencing a mental health challenge. We’re focused on expertising your people to offer essential peer support, and build effective decentralised systems of care in your organisation.

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Top catalogue picks so far

Effective Empathy Leadership Training, 1 Day 


CoLiberate’s catalogue featured offering in 2020 is the Leadership training Effective Empathy.

Through lots of enriching conversations, we have identified a need for people leaders to have techniques, approaches and strategies for effectively managing diverse management, support and required outcomes. This 1-day training enables leaders and helps develop personal approaches to people care, specific to the nuanced challenges of your organisation.


Email us at hello@coliberate.co.nz for a consultation.


Organisational Impact Session, 1 hour 


A hopeful and engaging invitation for your people in your workplace to begin to understand the powerful impact mental health support practices and initiatives can have on employees’ wellbeing, mental health and ability to contribute to their workplace. This session provides support tools that you can embed into the culture of your organisation.


Email us at hello@coliberate.co.nz to find out more.

Mental Health First Aid Certificates


Equipping everyday New Zealanders with the capability to:

  • confidently assist someone experiencing mental distress.
  • recognise developing mental illness.
  • understand early intervention and long-term support strategies.
  • understand stigmatizing language and how to be a zero-tolerance stigma legend.
  • look after ourselves while supporting other people.

“The best general mental health education I’ve experienced.’
Jack Wheeler / Crew Champion / Flux Federation / CoLiberate Certified


Upcoming public courses

Keynote Talks. 


We love talking about mental health, support strategies, and workplace wellness. Get us to come along and speak at your next event, lunchtime session, workplace or conference. We can easily customise and have a variety of talks to suit your needs. 

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