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CoLiberate connects with awesome workplaces on a mission to be wellbeing conscious.
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We have customised programmes that combine creative practice with clinical psychology theory for highest engagement and impact on understanding emotional first aid at work.
Is your team confident preventing and responding to stress and distress? Our programme will equip your team – it’s custom designed with the flexibility to suit your organisation.


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The Mental Resilience and Emotional First Aid Programme is developed in partnership with trained psychologist Sam O’Sullivan. Scientific theory, personal mental health experiences and our background as creative facilitators combine to create an innovative and interactive professional programme for the workplace which has proven to enact long term change and positive culture shift.


Our programme has a backbone of mindfulness, which is fully explored in the intro session to enable participants to develop the core attitude of observation of self. This immediately empowers individuals to take emotional responsibility and to manage difficult moments with ease; a proven way to build resilience in the workplace.

It’s time to value our emotional health and wellbeing as much as our physical health.

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Jody Burrell

Jody Burrell

027 248 7756

Hello, I’m Jody!

Earlier this year I attended a First Aid course.

I absolutely loved it.

I left the course feeling completely informed and trained up, ready for any situation that came my way. I felt prepared. Like I had skills at the ready that one day just may save someone’s life.

But I couldn’t help the feeling that something was missing- something just as urgent as CPR…  See, I have lived experience of anxiety and depression and have been through the struggle of trying to understand what was happening with my body when I began experiencing my first panic attacks.   

Have you ever thought about the difference between a heart attack and a panic attack? For some people, panic attacks have similar physical signals to a heart attack and can feel just as scary! So why is it that we don’t have any info about panic attacks, supporting people through mental distress or supporting someone towards positive emotional health in our certified First Aid course? When I connected this to the recent statistics showing that suicide takes more New Zealanders’ lives than the road toll, I couldn’t help but think, we are doing something wrong.

I started to wonder what skills I could gain in order to help other people in a similar situation…So I began to ask questions.  I became overwhelmed by the lack of information and support available for our emotional health on a day-to-day level.

I found more and more stories of struggle; counselling wait-lists, employees whose managers don’t understand, employers who are too scared to say the wrong thing, services that are too expensive to be realistic, a desperation for some kind of safety net when it comes to emotional stress at work.. the list goes on.

First Aid Courses exist to ensure that regular kiwis have the confidence and skills to assist in real life . First aiders save lives, and you’d be hard-pushed to find a kiwi workplace where there isn’t at least one identified qualified first aider.

So where better to start than up-schooling our work places- leading by example and creating the change we want to see in the environment where we spend most of our time; at work.

So, good news, we have teamed up with a clinical psychologist, Sam O’Sullivan, and created an exciting programme. It’s the first of its kind;  a Mental Resilience and Emotional First Aid course! We are taking it into the workplace, to transition the workplace culture from fear-led  ‘let’s not talk about it’  environments into safer spaces, where people are fueled with the practical tools and knowledge to support one another through stress, anxiety, depression and distress effectively, so that everyone can feel better, and work better!

Every workplace is different, which is why we cater to your workplace’s wants and needs. Our programme is dynamic, accessible and exciting!


Get in touch if you’d like to experience a half-day taster of the programme to see how it can work for your workplace.