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CoLiberate delivers high-impact services to organisations who care about the Mental Resilience of their Staff.

Mental Resilience & Emotional First Aid
5 – week Programme
One – to – one
Personal Training.
(for your Mind Health)

Mental Resilience
& Emotional First Aid.

Equipping your people to be more focused, adaptive and less prone to burnout.
CoLiberate’s MREFA is a high-impact tools-based programme, equipping your people to imbed better mental health into the culture of your workplace.


It combines Cognitive Behavioural Theory and Mindfulness for the highest engagement and impact on understanding emotional first aid at work.


Your team will be equipped with all the tools they need to…


  • Take personal responsibility for mental and emotional needs.
  • Identify personal signals of stress and respond pro-actively to prevent burnout.
  • Up-regulate to improve mood and motivation, de-regulate to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Understand and maintain positive cognitive and behavioural change towards long-term wellness.


  • Relate to others in a conscious and healthy way even under stressful circumstances.
  • Respond to situations of mental crisis, distress or stress safely and positively.
  • Support one another in a consensual, meaningful, and efficient manner at work.
  • Contribute to a positive environment so that all team members can focus on achieving your organisations’ purpose.
One – to – one
Personal Training.
(for your Mind Health)

One-on-one attention. To help you become an expert of your own Self-Care!

You’ll achieve the results you’re after in record time with the help of our enthusiastic, empathetic Personal Wellbeing Trainers.

You will be connected with a mind expert. Whatever your goal – mental resilience, emotional first aid, exploration, stress relief – or if you just need something to for you and stay motivated, we can support you be the best you!

Personalised check-ins, discussion, tool sharing and exploring, gratitude, accountability and more.


A two-hour introduction to Mindfulness.

We explore the benefits and how it is relevant to your work.

We take practical- tactile approach but using Clay.


Let’s talk.

Jody Burrell